Wiki image link testing

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Double bracketed links are converted to Jekyll-ingestible Markdown formatting by the bidirectional_links_generator.rb plugin. However, Obsidian’s Wikilink setting also applies to a proprietary image embed format with double brackets.

I’m working on another plugin to complement the bidirectional link generator and resolve Obsidian image embeds automatically. This page is for testing the efficacy of the script and the regex I’m using.

This is a useful reference for Regex in Ruby and this is a good Ruby Regex Tester.

Version 1

But it doesn't work in this [[type of block]] because of the extra linebreaks and characters before the tick marks
Is this also a code block oh shit

Version 2



For those of you who would like to know, this is the regex I added to the end of each section in the generator:

## Helpful References

It works! Now you can drag and drop images to Obsidian editor and the asset path will automatically generate. Make sure to follow guidelines in <a class='internal-link' href='/obsidian-setup.html'>Obsidian Setup</a>

# Version 3
_In Progress_

## Title Problem
- Turns out `title` is still broken, I didn't actually fix it

## HTML Problem
- Creating HTML such as `<figure>` breaks Markdown images inside the tags because Markdown ignores syntax inside HTML tags
- This isn't a problem for Obsidian style embeds because my generator converts them to HTML
- However, this is a problem for traditional Markdown syntax, especially if you want to have things like `--` converted to an en dash automatically inside a `<figcaption>`
- Solution I'm working on: Utilizing [Obsidian Comment Syntax]( to create a way to add HTML tags that don't show up in Obsidian Preview.

## Solution
- According to the [Github Flavored Markdown Docs](, Markdown will not be rendered in HTML blocks **UNLESS:**
	- HTML and Markdown are all on one line
	- HTML start and end tag have a line break between them and Markdown content
	- I verified that this works by adding line breaks in Obsidian. Now I don't have to rewrite Markdown image parsers from scratch anymore!! 😭🙏

Now the only problem is the `assets/images` path when converting Obsidian embeds to Markdown embeds. Will the obsidian image generator run before the Markdown parser? Let's see!

**I DID IT!!**

That was pretty difficult BUT with the new version of the images generator, you have to be careful to add line breaks when working with Markdown embeds inside HTML elements:

alt text


When Markdown embeds don’t render, try adding line breaks before and after and it might work! What the image generator does is insert assets/images in the file path when it doesn’t exist already. Now you can drag + drop images to Obsidian without worrying about asset paths!


This image is in a Markdown link to nowhere and also has a title Image alt text

Using the note title variable: a note about cats. Using the note’s filename: cats. Using the note’s title, with a label: link to the note about cats using the note title. Using the note’s filename, with a label: link to the note about cats using the note’s filename. In all cases, if the double-bracket link does not point to a valid note, the double brackets will still be shown, like this: [[ there is no note that matches this link ]]. This is an Obsidian Image. . This is a Markdown image with alt text only. Alt text. This is a Markdown image without alt text but with a title. . This is an Obsidian image that links to the assets folder. . And another with a slash.