Style & theme

– Development

I’m writing these notes as I start to develop the custom CSS for this template.

I’m removing the SCSS because I’m a big fan of pure CSS variables. I’m also removing normalize.css because it was last updated in 2018, and a lot has changed since then. I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to CSS and working with browser defaults.

The new stylesheet will live in assets/css, organized according to the Jekyll documentation. I also added an empty js folder just in case and an images folder for attachments. This way all assets are automatically built to _site without the need for additional configuration.


I chose Inter and Wremena. Inter is the UI typeface for Obsidian, and the variable font version has lots of fun features.

For dates, I’ve enabled alternate numbers, slashed zeroes, and case sensitive forms. I’ve also enabled superscript, fractions, and disambiguation glyph set by default.

Wremena is used for headings. I’ve enabled tabular numbers, just in case you add some numbers to your note titles.

CSS Changelog