Obsidian setup

– Getting Started


Open new folder as vault and select the main digital garden folder.


.gitignore is set to ignore Obsidian system files, so you need to customize the settings from scratch.

Make sure you’re working on notes in the _notes directory, not _site. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to put up with all the extra files in your Obsidian view since we can’t ignore Obsidian folders yet.

By default, Obsidian uses wikilinks, or double bracketed links. They look [[like this]]. If you keep wikilinks enabled, you’ll also use proprietary Obsidian wiki embeds for images. They look like this: ![[image.png]]

This is not standard Markdown! So I wrote an update to the bidirectional links generator script that updates this to the proper HTML code.

Here’s a test image to make sure my plugin is working:

Read more about my fix at Wiki Image Link Testing

Template Plugin

This is a core Obsidian plugin that is turned off by default.

  1. Under Core Plugins, enable “Templates”
  2. Select obsidian-templates as the template folder
  3. Set a hotkey for inserting a template to a file
  4. Select note or page templates to insert front matter and variables

Suggested Plugins

These are community plugins built by independent developers.